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Updates to Unknown Callers & more

For our mobile users, we focused our energies on unknown caller control. We also improved our onboarding stability experience for new Beta users.

May 27, 2022

— Who's calling you? You can now see unknown callers in the Cloak details activity feed on mobile

— For the power users out there, passwords can now be up to 128 characters in length

— Improved the support cloak to make it easier to find and message support, fixed a number of related bugs

— Cloaks generated via extension now get the tag online

— Onboarding is now much more stable:

--Skipping onboarding flow now actually skips onboarding flow

--Autosetting email and phone provided during onboarding as recovery email and phone

--Improved UX for setting forwarding number that is the same as recovery number

— Fixed a bug on extension where autofill would show even if there was no info to fill

— Tons of improvements to extension stability around field detection

— Loading cloaks on mobile is now much faster thanks to performance improvements

— Improved contact verification on mobile