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Cloaked - Virtual identities to protect your privacy | Product Hunt

One click, instant privacy

Cloaked protects your privacy online and in real life

Cloaked is in private beta for U.S. customers

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Cloaked offers people-first, everyday privacy solutions. Generate unique virtual identities — don’t give away personal information.

How to keep it Cloaked when you’re house-hunting or ride-sharing. Or streaming, investing, shopping, dating...

One-click sign up

Get your new identity in a flash.

Keep your inbox clear of spam

Reply to messages–but only the ones you approve.

Organize contacts and more

Keep track of everything you need.

Collaborate with trusted recipients

Securely share all or some of an identity.

Your all-in-one privacy solution

Generate real working phone numbers, emails, usernames, and passwords

Create an identity for everything—from online shopping to dating

Keep your relationships and accounts personal and protected

Awkward Moments

deserve a cloak.

Apartment hunting

In-person dating

Failed vibe check


Online dating

Online accounts





Counter check out


check out

You need more than a simple password manager

Get unlimited identities

Instantly generate real
working identities with
a single click.

Keep details private

Call, text, and email from wherever you normally do without sharing your real details.

Cut out the noise

No more scrolling for unsubscribes. Mute any company or contact.

Available for
mobile apps

Stay Cloaked on the go with real phone numbers and emails generated instantly from your mobile device.

iOS AppGoogle Play

Available for
web browsers

Our web extension lets you generate new identities and log in to your accounts anywhere you browse.

Google Chrome
Brave browserMicrosoft Edge

Accessible as
a web view

Set preferences and manage your identities on your personal Cloaked dashboard.

Control the conversation with Two-Way Routing

Send and receive calls, texts, and emails—complete with added privacy measures like blocking pixel tracking—and never worry that your information will be revealed.

Update existing accounts using AutoCloak.

We are expanding the websites available with AutoCloak daily.

We deserve a voice

“We like to feel known, not surveilled. Things should be customized, personalized, without feeling compromised. There should be a voice actively fighting for our right to privacy and data ownership. That’s Cloaked. It’s time for a tech revolution.”

Arjun Bhatnagar, Cloaked Co-Founder & CEO

Cloaked is backed by many of the world’s leading investors

Cloaked Beta is currently available for a free trial

Cloaked Beta includes a free trial with any subscription plan you select.

Pay with Cloaked is coming soon

Want to learn more about paying with Cloaked? Join our waitlist for updates and an early invite.

Pay with Cloaked is coming soon

Want to learn more about paying with Cloaked? Join our waitlist for updates and an early invite.

Pay with Cloaked is coming soon

Want to learn more about paying with Cloaked? Join our waitlist for updates and an early invite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have unlimited phone numbers?

New phone number availability is subject to our bad actor mitigation system. Our phone numbers use a combination of daily creation behavior, quantity of messages/calls created, and various rules in order to prevent abuse on cloaked phone numbers.

My information is already out there, what’s the point of using Cloaked now?

Yes, your info may still be out there to some extent, but why add to it if you don’t have to? With Cloaked you can reduce your digital footprint and prevent future data leaks. Going forward, you get to decide who can communicate with you with controls over every phone number and email you generate with Cloaked.

I already have a password manager, can I transfer my existing credentials over to Cloaked?

Absolutely. Cloaked enables you to import passwords from password managers such as: Google Chrome, 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass and many others. We are currently in the process of launching Cloaked Auto-change where we can replace these existing logins with Cloaked information automatically.

Does Cloaked store my personal information?

Your personal information is stored securely in the app, we do not have the ability to see or access any of it. A unique database is created by Cloaked for each customer distributing data and creating a barrier between Cloaked as a company and every customer's data.

Are you end-to-end encrypted?

The information you use to log in to any account is fully encrypted to protect your account credentials.

Is Cloaked available anywhere in the world?

Right now, Cloaked is only available in the U.S. However, we’re working on making our platform available to a worldwide audience in the future.

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Our promise to you




Your identities are housed on an independent, encrypted server.

Your data is separated on an encrypted database exclusively for your data.

You hold the keys. Your data is under your control, and can be deleted anytime.