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Improving passwords with added security

We've added customization to passwords when you're signing up for accounts in real-time. We've also added some mobile security features like 15min Biometrics time-out and more...

July 8, 2022

– 🔑 Passwords just got better on extension! You can now customize the password generation settings when filling in a password field so that they meet pesky password requirements some sites have.

– Cloaked can now generate cloaked usernames when you’re creating a new identity. This works on dashboard and extension.

– Fixed an extension error where really long passwords would cause encryption to crash, passwords are now capped at 128 characters.

– Improve the logic for showing one time password and verification emails. They should show up more consistently now.

– Mobile added security feature to lock the app after 15min of inactivity.

– Mobile UI fixes on search, cloak details, and animations throughout.

– Fixed bugs with attachments in emails and SMS.