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The latest updates to referrals, dashboard, and mobile products.

August 15, 2023

Your Web Dashboard:

  • ICYMI – We announced v1 launch of our referrals program last week and you’ll now notice that on a new announcement modal 
  • Check out Cloaked Daily – a new way to see what’s new on Cloaked – in your navigation


  • We put out 1.6.4 on Android/iOS and 1.6.5 on iOS this week. 
  • Bug fixes and improvements (pretty general but mostly working to make your experience smooth and fast)
  • We changed some UI to make our designers happier with us
  • Performance improvements on the loading of emails 
  • Fixed one of the culprits of our occasional "Wait, why do I have to upgrade my security again" issue (IYKYK)