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The Cloaked Ecosystem just added some major interface updates and product features

Over the last few weeks we’ve updated all four of our products. We’re so excited to see what the community thinks of these updates.

December 12, 2022

All three Cloaked products have received a major overhaul over the past several weeks. Here’s the rundown of what’s been changed:

📱 Mobile launched a massive overhaul bringing users a brand new user interface, where identities with phone numbers and email addresses can be generated with a single tap!

  • Each phone number and email address can now forward to any personal number or inbox with customizable settings and notification controls
  • One unified place listing all your virtual identities
  • The ability to sync your contacts with your personal device to enable caller ID
  • A more intuitive search experience
  • The ability to autofill encrypted data without sacrificing security

🌐 Extension released a swath of performance updates that make the extension lighter and quicker, while increasing compatibility with other password managers.

  • Performance improvements have made the extension incredibly lightweight meaning that even with hundreds of tabs open the extension doesn’t noticeably affect performance.
  • The extension doesn’t overlap with chrome or another password manager’s autofill when you’re on a website trying to log in.
  • Filling addresses is as easy as clicking in an address field and clicking fill, making filling in forms even quicker.

💻 Dashboard rolled out a complete overhaul of the activity portion of the product as well as a litany of other improvements!

  • Completely redesigned activity focused on making emails and texts quicker and easier to find, read, and compose.
  • Identity creation and details were overhauled, now with predictive website matching and a persistent right hand column UI.
  • Improved password manager importer making it simpler and easier to switch to Cloaked.
  • Cloaked offboarding is simpler now with an easy data export process.
  • Support is a chat message a way with on site support chat.