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2,102,304 phone numbers and emails have been protected by Cloaked

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Cloaked securely searches your phone number across the dark web and 400+ data brokers. Cloaked will not store or sell your information to these parties.

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Keep your data private

“It’s really scary once you know how much info about you is being tracked. Cloaked helps me keep my data personal.”
Craig - Seattle, WA
Helps to end spam and robocalls

“If you’re sick of spam calls and texts wasting your time, Cloaked is a great solution.”
Lou - Lee, VA
Easy to avoid fraud and scams

“If my data is ever in a data breach, I 
don’t have to worry about my identity being stolen because I’m protected 
by Cloaked.”
Laura - Portland, OR
Finally protecting my number

“My Cloaked number can’t be traced back to me, so I know I’m secure when I share it with others.”
Michael - Richmond, VA

Why should you
remove your data?

Personal information about you is used by tech companies and data brokers to sell for profit.

Having your personal information online makes you vulnerable to fraud, scams, and phishing attempts.

Cloaked monitors, deletes, and protects personal information.

Transform a hard problem into an easy, four step solution that makes online privacy possible.



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