Cloaked identities are at the core of each of our products. Create, share, and save real working phone numbers, emails, passwords and more.

Cloaked identities protect your privacy

Cloaked identities, or Cloaks, are the foundation of our product. You can use them in any situation where someone is asking for your personal information.

Protect your privacy online and in real life

Never fear giving out your personal info again. Use Cloaked identities 
to protect your privacy anywhere you go.

Generate real working information

Make new phone numbers, emails, and logins in seconds and start communicating using Cloaked phone numbers and emails.

A dedicated inbox for all your identities

Keep your personal inbox free and clear of spam. Cloaked collects all calls, texts, and emails sent to your identities and stores them in one place.

There’s even more to Cloaked.