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What users say about Cloaked…

I had no idea data brokers existed before this scan

“When I put my phone number and I saw some pretty concerning items to say the least and so when I saw it, it definitely invoked that urgency for me to at least utilize the service just to kind of see what they can offer and what not.”
Tracy - Edinburg, TX
Woah my SSN is available to a ton of people!

“After the scan, first thing I did was generate a new number for every sensitive account I had. There's no reason a bank needs my phone number.”
Larry - Leslie, WY
Didn't know my number could doxx my parents

“I didn't just delete my own data, I got every immediate family member on Cloaked. With everyone's data being clean, we are all protected. Thanks guys.”
Paul - Seattle, WA
I've noticed a serious down shift in robocalls

“I feel so much safer knowing how hard Cloaked makes life for hackers and companies trying to spam me. Having my info off the web is worth the cost.”
Lee - Chicago, IL

Your personal info is a digital identity that anyone can find—we'll prove it.

Data brokers can legally sell your personal information obtained from public records, social media, shopping habits, and data breaches to collect and share your data for profit.

Why remove your personal information?

Reduce Spam, Scam, Phishing Attempts

Data brokers sell your email address and phone number without your knowledge or permission. This results in phishing attempts, unwanted spam calls and email.

Prevent Identity Theft and Fraud

Data brokers provide your personal information to Identity thieves. That information is used to forge documents, guess passwords, answer secret questions, and to gain access to your accounts.

Safeguard your Family from Stalkers

Data brokers can provide stalkers and troublemakers with your home address and the addresses of your family members.
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