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Your digital identity is constantly under attack

Replace existing phone numbers, email addresses and passwords with secure Cloaked identities to protect yourself from spam, doxing, scams, and frauds.

Available on iOS, Android, Brave and Chromium browsers.

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Familiar password manager with a twist

Supercharge your password manager with an email address and phone number per site. Autofill 2FA codes without yet another app.

Make a new identity for each site to limit spam and minimize the impact of sites being hacked

Every email address and phone number you generate in Cloaked comes with a full-featured, individual inbox. You control the forwarding settings for each one individually so you avoid spam without missing anything.

Cloaked has you covered

Every random website, app, or company you’ve signed up for is a data breach waiting to happen. Cloaked data can’t be traced back to you, and you can add additional security features to keep your accounts safe.

It’s your data - Own it.

Two-factor authentication, user-held security keys, password protection, and more—Cloaked provides powerful security features, and encrypts user data to keep the power in our user’s hands.

Trusted and verified by thousands

Our features and security principles are changing how people think about privacy and the data they provide to companies.

ISO 27001 Certified
ISO 27701 Certified
IAPP member
SOC 2 Type 1 2023
Audit Complete
SOC 2 Type 2 2023-2024
Audit Ongoing

Awarded and reviewed by top security organizations.

Partners and associate organizations around the world recognize Cloaked takes security, seriously.

makes you powerful.

The next-level in privacy protection for online and travel.