11 Best Password Apps for iPhones (Free & Paid) [2024]

January 19, 2024
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iPhones are supposed to have some of the best mobile security in the world…but they’re far from perfect. In 2021, a zero-click vulnerability spyware was able to bypass this security and spy on iPhone users without them even being aware. 

This spyware could transfer photos from your iPhone to a hacker's device remotely, exposing you to several forms of cyber threats, such as identity threats, financial fraud, and personal privacy breaches.

An iPhone password app would have made it harder for hackers to access your accounts–even if they bypass your device’s primary security defenses. 

In this article, we’ll discuss a variety of password managers, highlighting the best password apps for iPhones and exploring each one of their unique service offerings (as well as any drawbacks). 

What are password manager apps for iPhones?

iPhones password managers can be installed on iPhones to manage passwords for online accounts and restrict unauthorized access. These password manager apps usually have features for generating strong passwords for each user account and then auto-filling them on the corresponding sites. 

Password managers on iPhones add an important level of security. Even if you leave your phone unlocked, an intruder still can’t access your accounts since they can’t access your password manager. 

iPhone password manager apps can also provide an additional layer of security by intercepting online scams, such as phishing attacks. The usernames and passwords you save on your password manager apps are tied to specific apps and websites, so they won’t work on a copycat app or website that the phisher might try to send you. 

For example, your password manager would autofill your Shopify password only on Shopify.com–not a fake site like Shoplfy.com or Sh0pify.com.

Sh0pify.com platform ogin


How do password apps for iPhones work?

Password managers start working on your iPhone the moment you install and sign up for them. Typically, they create a secure and encrypted vault where all your passwords are stored. Once you save a password into the app, it encrypts this information, meaning only someone with the master password (which should be unique and known only to you) can access it.

When you visit a website or use an app that requires a login, the password manager can automatically fill in your login information, making it easier to use complex and unique passwords for different accounts without the need to remember each one.

Additionally, many password managers for iPhones offer features like password generation, where they create strong, random passwords for you. Some password managers go so far as to offer breach monitoring, which alerts you if any of your accounts are compromised. 

Others have an entire additional suite of privacy features to help protect your entire online ecosystem. 

The Best Password Apps for iPhones

Password management apps for iPhones have several features and functionalities that promise to improve online security–but they’re not all created equal. Here are some of the best iPhone password apps to consider: 

1. Cloaked

Cloaked platform logo

Cloaked lets you securely create, change, and store passwords to your online accounts in just a few clicks. The app also automatically auto-fills your account login details for you, saving you from the hassle of inputting lengthy usernames and passwords each time you want to access your accounts. 

Cloaked goes a step further in protecting users’ identities online by creating quasi identities for them such as new phone numbers and email addresses that can never be linked to them. Cloaked also offers users the opportunity to use these email addresses and phone numbers on several websites including shopping websites like Shopify and Amazon.

With client-side encryption, zero-knowledge access, and user-unique databases, Cloaked boasts of a unique approach to password management where users are the sole holders of their data. No external parties–not even Cloaked–know what information is stored in their password manager.  

Cloaked does more than traditional password management with a feature for storing other information aside from passwords and usernames, such as bank account details and home addresses. This feature offers users a single place to store all sensitive information.

Nike password profile made with Cloaked

Features and Services:

  • Password manager: Cloaked supports strong password generation and storage and also auto-fills these passwords on sites that you’ve added to your Cloaked dashboard
  • Cloaked identities: Generate unlimited working email addresses and phone numbers to use for your online activities, including making purchases and filling out surveys
  • One-time passcodes: Generate time-based passcodes as a secondary authentication method to access your account instead of relying only on passwords
  • Additional storage: Cloaked stores more than just log-in details and passwords; there’s also provision for you to store your home address and even API keys and bank account information securely
  • AutoCloak: Cloaked supports batch replacing of identities for multiple online accounts in one click. All you need to do is add identities (online accounts) to your Cloaked dashboard and generate new usernames, email addresses, and passwords for these accounts. 
  • Identity sharing: Share sensitive account information with trusted persons via an end-to-end encrypted link that can be customized to expire when you want (1 hour, 8 hours, or 1 day)
  • Secure password filling: With Cloaked, your passwords are securely auto-filled when you access online accounts and apps that you have added to Cloaked.
  • Quasi-identities: Cloaked offers users complete privacy online with quasi-identities (phone numbers and email addresses) that can be used to access online accounts and perform a range of activities online, including shopping on your favorite websites. 


  • Users can easily import passwords from their previous password managers, such as Dashlane, LastPass, and Google Chrome
  • Cloaked creates a unique database for users such that there is a barrier between Cloaked and user data
  • Passwords sync across all of your devices, so you don’t have to set them up on each of your devices
  • Cloaked has an easy-to-use browser extension you can add with just a few clicks 
  • Cloaked has no access to or knowledge of your protected information. Only you can access your information using your one-time passcode or master password



  • Cloaked is currently only available in the US. However, they’re working on making the platform available worldwide
  • No separate team or enterprise plans for larger businesses


  • Free trial (14 days)
  • $10/mo billed monthly
  • $8/mo billed annually (20% off)

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2. Bitwarden

Bitwarden platform logo

Bitwarden is an open-source password manager app that uses end-to-end AES 256 encryption to store user passwords. Since it uses cloud storage, it employs several encryption mechanisms for user data at each point. For example, when the data is in the cloud, it uses the transparent data encryption (TDE) mechanism, and for data in transit, it uses the transport layer security (TLS) mechanism.

Bitwarden also supports password generation, forms, and password auto-filling, and users need a master password to access the information they store on Bitwarden.

Bitwarden platform image

Features and Services:

  • Passwords and forms auto-fill
  • Vault timeout after the specified time
  • Auto-clear clipboard in 10–15 seconds as set
  • Cloud storage using Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure
  • Password generator and password strength tester tool
  • Zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption


  • Offers access control for teams and organizations on its business plan
  • Has both TDE and TLS encryption mechanisms
  • Unlimited password generation
  • Provides users with access to their vault health report


  • Lacks premium features like biometric 2FA, live dark web monitoring, and VPN
  • Inline frames can access users' login details
  • Importing passwords is complex
  • Some users may find the interface less intuitive compared to other solutions


  • Premium: $10/year
  • Families: $40/year
  • Teams: $20/mo
  • Enterprise: $6/mo

3. Keeper

Keeper platform logo

Keeper is a cybersecurity platform focused on password management and identity protection. It offers features such as single sign-on, password sharing, and passwordless authentication. 

Keeper also has a security audit feature that alerts users when their passwords or any data has been compromised.

Features & Services: 

  • Automatically fills usernames, passwords, and 2FA codes in apps
  • Provides unlimited password storage and sharing options 
  • Built on a zero-trust and zero-knowledge architecture 
  • Security audit and reporting 
  • Custom password rules and shared password visibility


  • Serves both individual and business needs
  • Compatible with a range of devices 
  • Promises round-the-clock assistance and training for users
  • Allows employers to monitor the strength of their employees' passwords and their overall security score


  • Relatively expensive plans 
  • Add-ons for dark web monitoring are expensive
  • No free option


All plans are billed annually

  • Personal: $2.92/mo
  • Family: $6.25/mo 
  • Business starter: $2/mo 
  • Businesses: $3.75/mo

4. 1Password

1Password platform image

1Password is a cloud-based password manager that uses AES-256 encryption for securing user passwords and login details. It uses the SQLite database format for data storage and includes a feature for secure remote password authentication. 

The app also supports biometric login, such as fingerprint scanning, and has a clipboard management feature that automatically clears passwords from users’ clipboards.

Features & Services: 

  • Clipboard management feature deletes passwords stored on clipboards
  • Validates code from website/app developer before filling out details online
  • Watchtower vulnerability alerts
  • Biometric access to online accounts
  • Secure remote password authentication
  • Auto-lock accounts when a device goes idle


  • Only fills out passwords on websites they were saved
  • Users can use biometric details to unlock 1Password
  • Passwords and contact information are only filled in when prompted
  • 1Password can authenticate login details without sending the passwords over the internet


  • Users report poor customer support
  • Most recent reviews for extension are very poor (clunky, doesn’t work)
  • Affected by the Okta breach, raising security concerns
  • There is no free tier, only a trial period


  • Individual: $2.99/mo
  • Family: $4.99/mo
  • Teams: $19.95/mo
  • Businesses: $7.99/mo
  • 1Password requires that enterprises request a custom quote

5. LastPass

LastPass platform image

LastPass is a password manager app built on zero-knowledge architecture with data breach monitoring and adaptive authentication functionalities. LastPass also supports auto-filling of passwords and other saved information like credit card information. 

It also has a feature to generate and share passwords. The password manager also has a bug bounty program where white hat hackers are encouraged to find and submit bugs and vulnerabilities. 

LastPass, however, recently fell victim to a data breach when the home computer of a senior dev ops at LastPass was compromised. Also, some rumors claim that a LastPass master key could easily be hacked with just $100

LastPass platform image

Features & Services: 

  • Password generation, autofill, and sharing functionality
  • Secure digital wallet for online shopping
  • Online password generator tool
  • Data breach monitoring functionality
  • Real-time security monitoring from a security dashboard
  • Encrypted password vault


  • LastPass finds and replaces weak passwords for users
  • Users are notified once any of their data is compromised or found on the dark web
  • Fingerprint and one-time passcodes can be set up as second-level authentication for security


  • Past security concerns
  • Limited free version
  • Some users find the interface less intuitive


All plans are billed annually

  • Premium: $3/mo
  • Family: $4/mo
  • Teams: $4/user/mo for 50 users
  • Businesses: $7/user/mo 

6. Sticky Password

Sticky Password logo image

Sticky Password is a password manager that uses an AES-256 encryption model with support for biometric verification (fingerprint scanning) and two-factor authentication. It offers password management features from password generator to autofill, autologin, emergency access, and secure password and information sharing. 

Sticky Password also has a dark web monitoring feature and a USB password manager. 

Stick Password platform image

Features & Services: 

  • Autofill for passwords and forms
  • Real-time dark web monitoring
  • Digital wallet for credit and debit cards
  • Emergency access to accounts
  • USB password manager


  • Unlimited encrypted password and data storage
  • Fingerprints can be used to access your passwords
  • Users are allowed to give emergency access to a trusted friend or family
  • Users can create a portable copy of their passwords with Sticky Password’s USB password manager
  • Syncs information over local networks


  • Interface is rigid and seems outdated
  • Too many loopholes for data leak
  • No email or phone number generation opportunities


All plans are billed annually

  • Free: $0
  • Premium: $39.99/yr
  • Teams: $29.99/user/yr
  • Academic: $12.95/user/yr

7. RoboForm

Roboform platform logo

Roboform is a password manager and authenticator with features for password generation and storage using zero-knowledge architecture. It also supports password scanning to uncover compromised passwords, allows users to share passwords with trusted contacts securely, and gives trusted friends and family access to their accounts in case of an emergency. 

Roboform also supports the use of passkeys—a passwordless way for users to sign in to their accounts.

Roboform platform image

Features & Services: 

  • Password generation and auto-fill
  • One-click logins and form filling
  • Password scanning feature
  • Password sharing with trusted contacts
  • Emergency access to accounts
  • Local only mode 
  • Passwordless sign-in to accounts using passkeys


  • Supports importing verification codes from other authentication apps
  • Offers role-based permission functionality to businesses
  • Paid plans have a local-only mode option


  • Frequent 429 errors
  • Desktop UI is complex
  • No email or phone number generation capabilities
  • Incompatible with USB security keys


All plans are billed annually

  • Premium: $1.99/mo
  • Family: $3.98/mo

8. Dashlane

Dashlane platform logo

Dashlane uses a zero-knowledge architecture to protect user data and has a US patent for its security architecture. It supports the automatic generation of passwords based on conditions that have been set by users and manage these passwords across any of your devices. 

Dashlane also supports encrypted password sharing and has a feature to monitor data in the dark web and automatically alert you if any of your data is compromised.

Dashlane platform image

Features & Services: 

  • Automatic password generation based on set guidelines
  • Storage of financial, medical, and private information
  • Dark web monitoring and alerts
  • Unlimited password sharing
  • One-click password and forms autofill


  • 30-day free full trial
  • Dashlane won’t hold onto your data if you stop using the app
  • Organizes passwords in folder-like collections
  • Offers role-based access to businesses


  • Rigid functionality
  • Limited hours for live chat
  • Limited free version


  • Personal: $3.33/mo
  • Family: $4.99/mo
  • Professional: $20/mo
  • Businesses: $8/seat/mo
  • Dashlane requires that enterprise users request a quote to access pricing information.

9. ZohoVault

ZohoVault platform logo

Zoho Vault password manager app stores user passwords and account information using AES-256 encryption and secure SSL while the data is in transit. It has features for enterprise users such as centralized admin control to track user behavior and moderate critical activities in your password vault. 

Zoho Vault also supports the integration of corporate identity stores to assist with onboarding new users in bulk. For individual users, Zoho Vault offers single sign-on (SSO) for apps used frequently and provides visual reports of activities regularly.

ZohoVault platform image

Features & Services: 

  • Sharing of passwords with different access levels
  • Access control based on user roles 
  • Single sign-on for everyday apps 
  • Real-time audits 
  • Visual reports for operations performed in the user’s vault


  • Offers a 15-day free trial
  • Secure password management, and organized access with folders 
  • Allows passwordless logins for numerous cloud apps 
  • Provides extensive audit trails and reports for monitoring 
  • Offers integrations with popular third-party and Zoho applications


  • May be overly complex for users looking for simple password management 
  • Some features may require a learning period to use effectively


All plans are billed annually

  • Free: $0
  • Standards: $1/user/mo
  • Professional: $5/user/mo
  • Enterprise: $8/user/mo

10. IronVest

IronVest platform logo

IronVest is a password manager mobile app that offers password storage, automatic password autofill, email masking, and virtual card features to ensure personal and business security. It offers biometric account protection as well as two-factor authentication by SMS. 

IronVest also offers users access to virtual cards for online purchases for a fee.

IronVest platform image

Features & Services: 

  • Masked email addresses
  • Unlimited customized “masked” email addresses
  • Masked identity autofill profile option
  • Store and autofill credit card information
  • Unlimited masked credit cards
  • Secure note storage
  • Anti-tracking for websites


  • Employs a decentralized approach to store biometric information
  • Offers host-proof hosting
  • Replaces traditional recovery methods with security tokens


  • IronVest costs up to $14 for only a month, costlier than the average price of password managers
  • IronVest still has limitations on the number of phone numbers one can have even while using a paid plan


Monthly pricing:

  • IronVest Essential: Free
  • IronVest Plus: $5.95/mo
  • IronVest Ultimate: $14.95/mo

Annual pricing

  • IronVest Essential: Free
  • IronVest Plus: $39/yr
  • IronVest Ultimate: $99/yr

11. Aura

Aura platform logo

Aura is a password manager app that stores user passwords and data securely using military-grade encryption.  It also offers spam call and identity theft protection features to guard against phishing attacks and a VPN tool that increases user online privacy.

Aura platform image

Features & Services: 

  • Military-grade encryption  
  • Spam call protection for users  
  • Masking user's IP address and encrypting internet traffic  
  • Password breach notifications


  • Free trial available
  • Provides password breach notifications
  • Combines password management with spam call blocking, identity theft protection, and a VPN 


  • The array of features might be overwhelming for users looking for a simple password manager


Monthly pricing:

  • Family: $45/mo
  • Couple: $29/mo
  • Individual: $15/mo

Annual pricing:

  • Family: $24/mo
  • Couple: $22/mo
  • Individual: $12/mo

How to choose the right password app for your iPhone

That was a long list–so how do you choose the right iPhone password manager? Here are some top features and capabilities to look for: 

Privacy policy & standards

Privacy policies are meant to protect you from privacy infringement such as selling your data or even accessing your passwords. Examine the app’s privacy guidelines and policies to understand how your data in the app is handled and stored. 

Ensure that whichever app you choose offers you stringent privacy standards and that they are committed to ensuring user data confidentiality. 

Security features & history

Many password managers have been victims of data breaches, and this is one aspect that you should consider when choosing a password manager. Examine how they beefed up their security infrastructure to prevent such a breach in the future. 

iOS compatibility

Does the app work on iOS? If you use an iOS device and choose a password manager app that isn’t compatible with your device, you will likely get frustrated. 

Ease of use

Password managers should be easy to use. The app should have an interactive interface so users can easily navigate between pages. If you’re new to password apps, find an app that offers user tutorials and walkthroughs for new users.

Customer support and reviews

A responsive customer support team ensures that you get all the help you need and that your experience while using the app is nothing short of pleasant. Look out for a password manager with more than one customer support. 

Also, check out user reviews on reputable sites to get independent opinions on the app’s performance. 

Autofill accuracy

The key features of any password manager app are password generation and auto-fill capabilities. Whichever password manager you choose should be one that has a proven track record of doing these two things reliably as it would not only save you time but reduce the stress of inputting passwords manually every time you want to access your online accounts. 


Password managers all have different costs because of their varying service offerings and brand reputation. However, ensure that whichever password manager you choose does not cost way more than the average price of password managers. 

Make sure to compare the price with the app’s service offerings and benchmark these against other password managers. This will help you find an app that fits your budget while meeting your security needs.

Additional privacy features

Consider extra functionalities like password generation or breach monitoring. Some apps, like Cloaked, offer unique features such as HIBB (Have I Been Breached) for enhanced security. In general, make sure you are choosing a password manager that helps you limit the data you share online.

Password Manager App FAQs

When it comes to managing passwords on your iPhone, here are common questions that users have:

What is the best way to store passwords on an iPhone?

The best way to store passwords on your iPhone is to use a password manager app with strong encryption and a user-friendly interface. It should integrate well with iOS for seamless operation.

Are there risks to password managers?

While password managers are generally safe, there are still some risks of password managers being breached. Choosing a password manager with robust security features and a good track record can help reduce the likelihood of these breaches.

Can I use a free password manager?

Yes, many password managers offer free versions. However, they may have limitations compared to paid versions.

Use the best password app for your iPhone

Finding the right password manager for your iPhone involves careful consideration of security, ease of use, compatibility, and cost. By choosing an app that meets these criteria, you can enhance your online security while enjoying the convenience of seamless password management. 

Cloaked offers security for all aspects of your digital life. It stands out with its client-side encryption and zero-knowledge access, ensuring that your passwords and sensitive data are encrypted locally on your device. This means that not even Cloaked’s own developers can access your information. 

Cloaked goes beyond conventional password management by offering unique features like generating and managing multiple identities – including email addresses and phone numbers for diverse online activities. Its AutoCloak feature allows users to seamlessly manage and bulk update their identities across various online accounts and its one-time passcodes provide an added layer of security, offering time-based passcodes as a secondary authentication method. 

Access a completely private online experience.

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