This is the source of truth across Cloaked as a company, brand, and product.

The Global Problem

Like any company worth its salt, Cloaked was formed to solve a problem.


The internet wasn't built for privacy. Big Tech has abused the trust consumers have given. Technology should be making our lives easier—instead it’s taught we consumers to sacrifice our privacy to stay connected. All of us deserve choice. We cannot choose to travel, meet new people, try new products, discover new places, even access WiFi without feeling forced to share our private information.

The Full Version

The internet has transformed how we live: social media; on-demand entertainment; video conferencing—life’s better with the internet. But the word ‘online’ has evolved, the internet is also in-store, in-person, in-home—the internet is evolving so rapidly it’s getting creepy how much it knows about private life. 

To stay connected, we’re forced to sacrifice our right to privacy.

When it comes to collecting data, the internet is all about quantity not quality. How many emails do we need to remind us of a past order? How many spam calls do we receive from places in the world we’ve never been? How many IG-ads appear on our feeds from Alexa listening to conversations she shouldn’t have? We share private activity and information without even knowing it—meanwhile companies use that data in all the wrong ways.

Our patience and our trust is gone. How’d we get here? Is giving personal, private information to stay connected the only way—or simply what we’ve learned? Is a cold-turkey, off-switch the only way to get our privacy back?

There’s a better way. Give people control of what they share. Individual control makes the information more accurate, and more human. People have a right to privacy, and it will lead to greater personalization, and more meaningful connections.

Our Value Prop

The Prop

Offer practical privacy tech for the individual to create unique identities for every personal and company relationship they have.

For Individuals

Instant business trust with no long-term damage or commitment, built on choice.

For Companies

Instant consumer trust with broadened, more earnest data access driven by an opt-in model.

Words We Value

As a privacy company who builds digital products the words ease, empathy, and empowerment capture how our organization thinks and delivers solutions to the world.


— People rely on technology to make their lives better—not to add complexity or slow them down.
— Privacy shouldn't be the gate keeper to accessing the enjoyment we get from using the internet.
— We focus on solving the real world situations consumers are faced with every day where their privacy is infringed.


— To solve a problem well for someone else, you need to enjoy it yourself. We are our harshest critiques.
— Privacy is needed for those precious moments in life, moments of invasion, when you feel forced to share private information. It is wrong. Every sharing situation is unique.
We promote the protection of everyone's private information regardless of political affiliation, income, gender, sexual orientation, or social status.


— Our products go beyond the ability to decide how your private information is shared—we make control feel like a super-power.
— When you have control, you can celebrate making connections.
— Stronger connections are possible when you respect others, and enable a new lifestyle of choosing how and who your personal information is shared with.


As a startup, our audiences are not fully known, this is by no means a complete list of all our customers. We do like to focus our energy and features around some key types of people and situations they face. If you have any insight or call outs you'd like to see included below please email us at [email protected]

Compromised Individuals.

People who enjoy using technology but have experience personal information being exposed and/or compromised at key moments in their lives. They now are hesitant to share and explore the internet as they'd like. In certain instances of compromised individuals, these people have literally experienced technology used against them—they were singled out or pursued without their permission.

What Cloaked Can Do

Provide a way for you to live your life without the risk of sharing out personal information – a closed privacy loop without the closed communication most people think is required.

What This Means For Individuals

— Person to person data protection with abilities like delete, mute, and snooze for every contact.
— Free phone numbers with the ability to approve each contact which attempts to reach that number
— Unlimited emails with the ability to disguise the source email being sent

Privacy Conscious Individuals

People who believe one’s identity should be respected. People driven to take a stand for themselves, express themselves, stand up for the “individual” by way of their unique self-expression and lifestyle. They use technology and are tired of the burden that comes from opting into providing personal information when using anything the internet and tech companies offer. They are savvy tech users, they aren't newbs.

What Cloaked Can Do

Far beyond the everyday online password manager, a online and in-person identity creator that has built in controls to decide which people and companies can communicate with you and for how long.

What This Means For Individuals

— 2FA which doesn't require your personal phone number
— Email addresses which can be used from any inbox without exposing your authentic email address
— Phone calling and texting that works just like your our phone numbers without revealing the source
— The ability to opt out of any online account you don't want anymore with one click (tap)

Consumer Businesses.

Businesses every day seek to reach more prospects who could become their customers. This will never change. They have learned that only through requiring data can they predict who are long and short term customers. Instead they alienate prospects who do not want to give away data, and they risk exposing data of their customers if and when they are ultimately hacked. There is a better way to learn from customers.

What Cloaked Can Do

Enable businesses to acquire knowledge about authentic consumers who are interested and willing to voluntarily share their information with a company they trust in exchange for greater services.

What This Means For Individuals

— Access to real data which has been vetted
— Strong customer trust acquired through supporting Cloaked privacy solutions
— Instant customer loyalty through Cloaked affiliation

Core Messages

The following are the pillars of what we do, how we want to be known, and what drives our messaging to our customers. They are a bit wordy but they capture how we think about Cloaked.

Beyond A Password Manager

There are countless password managers out there which claim to securely protect your online account credentials. These companies only save information securely, they do not create secure information.

It's time to elevate and customize the info you share with every relationship you create. Don't just save a password, save an identity.

Privacy Without Limits

As individuals, our privacy deserves respect. No one and no company should feel entitled to your personal information. Instead, take control with a cloaked identity. This is genuine, real contact information you can share only with the ability to control how that info is used with that unique contact. It's only for them to use, and not for them to share.

Privacy Built For Life

Privacy doesn't have to be an opt in or opt out. Privacy can be a part of your everyday life without hindering you or slowing you down. Privacy should adapt to your lifestyle.

Being Private In Public

You don't need to hide from the internet or hide from people to protect your privacy. Consumers need tools which are readily adaptable and available for them to use to explore and enjoy the internet without be confined to a closed door policy to protect what they have.


In A Sentence

Create a new, consent-based internet that makes technology smarter & more comfortable to use.

As A Mission

Give people control over their data to live happier, more empowered lives.