Tone of Voice

This is how the Cloaked brand should sound and feel.

Do you work at Cloaked?

This guide is for anyone working at Cloaked who communicates with our community, our customers, prospective customers, or the world. If you don't know how and why we talk as we do in different places, now's your chance to learn more below.

Are you helping spread the word about Cloaked?

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you’re curious about Cloaked or looking to learn about why we sound how we sound in different places. Well, the below should help provide some inspiration as to why we talk as we do, and where to focus.

Voice vs Tone

What's the difference between Voice and Tone anyway?

A company's voice is a result of the people who make up that company, when combined they create a singular identity. They are comprised of shared characteristics and values that bring them together. Cloaked as a voice is rooted in how we view the world, view our global privacy problem, and our shared approach toward how we are building the solution.

Just like an individual, our voice as a company does not change, but the tone of our voice can.

Just as an individual, our personality stays the same — but our tone shifts depending on who we’re talking to, the context in which we’re talking to them, and what we need to communicate. First, about our voice...


Team Behaviors + Outward Principles = Voice

Our Team Behaviors are the internal values we embody in how we work and how we think. We take these behaviors and translate them into principles we aim to live by and be seen as through the eyes of our customers. That's our voice, because actions speak louder than words, but words matter.

Team Behaviors
Outward Principles
Be a customer first
Bright and energetic
Wait for no one, do it right
Boldly optimistic
Strongly opinions, loosely held
People principled
Make life a little easier
Proactive solutionists

We are Bright and Energetic in how we speak with our customers. Why? Because being Cloaked is a lifestyle as much as a product. It's an action as well as a company. We want people to enjoy living Cloaked and to do that we want to ensure people sense the enthusiasm and knowledge we're proud to promote.

We probably don't need to write this but...privacy is serious. It's also one hell of a challenge to get right. Cloaked is the team up for the task. We're bold. We're going to get this right and you're going to be in for one awesome ride. Yes, we're Boldly Optimistic, get used to it. Privacy belongs to the people!

Where Cloaked talks to the public we put people first. Being People Principled means we are not afraid to speak the truth. We take risks in what we say, what we talk about, what we expose about the subject of privacy protection. Everyone, and we mean everyone, is equal in our eyes. Cloaked is about the one, not the many. Every one person deserves their privacy protected and defended on principle.

What does it mean to bring Proactive Solutionist? First off, it might be made up. What it means to us is our product experiences and our approach to customer service is proactive. We aren't afraid of feedback, we welcome it. We are a company building in public, for the public, this means we provide opportunities to use Cloaked when individuals might not know to use us, or that we can help keep them out of uncomfortable circumstances where their privacy could be compromised.


Audience + Context + Content = Tone

To capture the right tone you just need to ensure that you know who you're speaking to, the context in which you are speaking to the user, and what information you need to convey. Combine this creates our brand's tone in the moment.

Who are we talking to?

Each of the people we serve have different needs and different mindsets when considering Cloaked OR using Cloaked. It's important you understand their points of view. You can explore these above.

Time, place and situation?

Some examples of places our customers hear from Cloaked...

— On our marketing site, we’re mainly talking to people who know enough to have landed there, but probably no more than that. We know they are interest in protecting their personal information, interested in having online privacy, but not what solution out there is best for them.
— In a paid ads, our tone and words are different because we assume they don’t know about us yet and may not understand a privacy solution is out there.
— If we’re talking to people within our product, we know they understand our product and are looking to live that Cloaked lifestyle we are offering.

What are we trying to convey?

Often it's important to differentiate between informative and principle.

This is why Cloaked may sound a little different depending on where you meet us, our what product experience you are seeing at any given moment.

Tone change across teams & products

As our tone changes depending on the audience, context, and content — our teams have a different tone.


– Our Marketing Team will place greater emphasis using a Bright and Energetic tone as we want to ensure the lifestyle message of Cloaked is carried through our messaging to new customers.

— Our Security Team understands the gravity of privacy as it impacts data and risk, therefore their tone is more direct and People Principled.

As a company our tone tends to shift between three words more than most, nerdy, technical vs human speak, and transparent. We'll describe them below.


What we love about our company and the team that makes it up is how proud we are of being "nerds". More over, nerds have some complex characteristics. We can be humorous, sarcastic, and wordy all at once. We hope it comes off an endearing.

We try not to be overly funny, because frankly most nerds trying to be funny aren't. But we also try not to take ourselves too seriously. So we enjoy speaking pridefully about our technology and our use cases to customers. And we might tell some awkward jokes here and there. Certainly not everywhere.

Technical vs Human Speak

If you're reading this, maybe someone has told you the copy you've written has been too "techie" or "technical". They may have suggested it needs to be more "human". Likewise they may have said this is "too casual" or "too human", and there's much more to elaborate on.

So, depending on the context and content you are looking to convey, consider...

This sounds too "technical" likely means

— Overly complex wording
— Lacks a consumer story
— Lacks enthusiasm or excitement with what is being discussed

Addressing sounding "too technical"

— Consider rooting the content you are describing in a real world example
— Consider elaborating on the technology, less. Answer the root function only

This sounds too "casual" likely means

— You are trying too hard to be funny or playful
— Check your grammar for overly enthusiastic punctuation like "?!" or "!"
— Are you using emojis?

Addressing sounding too "casual"

— What is the technology doing for this user?
— Ensure there is purpose to the example you are describing. Help them understand the technical benefit.


At one point or another, we've heard that being too transparent isn't good for business. Too bad. We enjoy being candid about how out technology works, where and when it's appropriate to use it, and also when it isn't. But like all good communicators, there are better times to be transparent than others.

This is "too transparent" likely means

— You could be revealing our Intellectual Property.
— What you are saying may be offensive to certain audiences or competitors. We must strike a balance.

Be "more transparent" likely means

— Help get to the heart and minds of customers. What are you trying to say? What is the principle you are standing for?