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How Does Cloaked Work to Secure Your Data?

September 19, 2023
3 min

“Cloaked is a consumer-first privacy company…”

You may have seen that phrase in our marketing materials or various posts, but it’s important to understand what that really means - for you and us (as a company).

In short:

Cloaked enables users to generate instant online identities, shielding their actual contact information from potential threats and spam. The Cloaked product isn't just about security, but also about optimizing one's digital life.

Cloaked was founded with a deeper sense of purpose than the (sometimes) traditional start up mentality of “make app, make money.” 

We’re working to revolutionize the way people view their right to control their own data. And by doing so, forcing companies to adopt transparency and accountability on a larger scale.

Consumer Education Around Data Security

Through our own voluntary consumer studies, we’ve discovered that one of the biggest threats to personal privacy and data security is a lack of consumer knowledge. Data brokers aren’t exactly forthcoming with how they collect and use data. And all too often, we don’t realize what’s happening until we’re hit with a dreaded data breach email.

The first step in giving you back control of your data is exposing how different organizations are collecting, storing, using, and selling your personal info. Learning the scope of the problem gives people a better understanding of how to safeguard their privacy through personal data security.

With the constant tracking of your online activity, data brokers, marketers, and other entities are capable of creating a digital version of you. This can then be used to predict your behavior in eerily accurate ways.

And that’s way too much power for some faceless organization to wield - especially when we aren’t giving them permission to do so. Every week, Cloaked staff research and produce content intended to help you better secure your data, online and in real life. 

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Instant Creation of New Contact Info

Nearly everyone has experienced the constant barrage of requests that you share your personal information to gain access to something. Whether it’s to create a new online shopping account, signing up for classes, or even checking out local contractors, personally identifiable data is casually demanded.

However, this data doesn’t always stop there. All too often companies then either sell this data to others for marketing, research, or other purposes, or simply practice poor data security which results in breaches.

Your personal email address or phone number can expose as much about you as your full name or even social security number on occasion. Some people keep the same emails and numbers for decades, racking up a treasure trove of data attached to these.

Cloaked eliminates this problem by allowing users to instantly create new email addresses and phone numbers every time they are asked to share them. 

Companies want your most recent information because that’s the most valuable. So, if your most recent email address or phone number is changing constantly, your data eventually becomes useless. Especially when you can delete or mute contacts whenever you’d like with the Cloaked dashboard.

And if that data is breached? It’s not personally tied to you and can’t be used to gain access to your life. 

As Cloaked continues to grow, keep an eye out for new resources, tools, and information developed specifically for people like you - those who value data security, privacy, and the ability to control both.

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