Swipe Safely: Your Guide to Online Dating Privacy in 2024

December 21, 2023
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In the world of online dating, with apps like Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder, finding “The One” is certainly a process…yet one fraught with privacy concerns. When you finally do get an exciting match (unimaginable, right?), you have to make the careful transition from in-app messaging to real-life texting.

Unfortunately, when it comes to our online matches, we've all become accustomed to taking this leap of faith on our own–despite our online dating privacy concerns. We give out our personal information to take things further and hope that this person isn't a scammer, catfisher, or even a real person who simply will never let you go.

Fortunately, there are solutions in today’s digital world that can make online dating safe, private, and secure. Who says romance is dead?! 

How Private is Online Dating?

Online dating can be relatively private, depending on how you use the platforms and how you’re safeguarding your information. However, with any online activity, there’s always a risk to your privacy. It’s important to be aware of how your data is being used by dating apps, as well as the potential vulnerabilities to giving out your information online. 

Here are several factors to consider regarding the privacy of online dating:

  • Profile Information: The information you choose to include on your dating profile can affect your privacy. While most dating apps require basic information like your age, location, and profile picture, you can control how much additional personal information you share. Sharing personal details such as your phone number, workplace, or social media profiles can lead to unwanted attention, harassment, or stalking. 
  • Anonymity: Some dating platforms allow users to remain somewhat anonymous, using usernames or screen names rather than real names, and not requiring users to post detailed information. However, the trend is moving towards real-name policies and linking profiles to social media accounts, which can decrease anonymity. (Read more here: Defining Anonymity, Security, & Privacy Online
  • Data Security: Online dating sites collect a lot of sensitive personal data. It’s important to check if the platform uses strong security measures to protect your data from hacking or unauthorized access.
  • Data & Location Sharing: Review the dating site’s privacy policy to understand how your data may be shared and look out for data collection red flags. Make sure to check how easy it is to deactivate or delete your account, and what happens to your data after you do so. Some platforms retain your information even after you’ve left the service.
  • Messaging Privacy: On most platforms, messaging between users is private. However, the content of messages could be accessed by the service provider if there’s a need, for instance, to investigate reports of abuse or harassment.
  • Platform Policy: Some platforms have a stronger commitment to user privacy than others. Before signing up, it’s worth researching the specific platform to see if it has a history of data breaches or poor privacy practices.
  • Screenshots and Catfishing: Remember that other users can take screenshots of your conversations or profile and share them elsewhere. Also, be cautious of catfishing, where individuals create fake profiles to deceive others for various reasons, which can be a privacy concern.

How to Improve Your Online Dating Privacy 

With all of these things to look out for, it can feel overwhelming to figure out how to manage your privacy and security when online dating. 

Looking for a solution to your virtual dating woes? 

Meet Cloaked: your digital wingperson on the dating scene. Cloaked isn't just an app; it's your covert ally, safeguarding your personal information. It's like having a sidekick for online dating – you get unlimited unique phone numbers so that even if Chad turns out to be ChatGPT, you can turn off his ability to reach you at a moment's notice.

Cloaked being used for online dating platform

Cloaked tailors your dating experience to be both safe and thrilling, protecting your private details while allowing you the full freedom of chatting up any potential partners you find.

Each swipe or message could lead to something special, and Cloaked emerges as your indispensable wingperson. 

Generate Virtual Identities with Ease

With just a few taps on the mobile app, you can generate new phone numbers and email addresses for different dating scenarios. This works online or with dating apps, but you can also instantly generate contact information for yourself when you’re out and about.

New identity for Tinder dating app

Inbox Management

Cloaked helps you keep your dating communications as organized and as stress-free as a well-planned date. It provides unique contact information for each of your matches, enabling you to filter through messages and Cloaked identities effortlessly.

Organized Contact Management

Tracking who's who in your dating life can be tricky as you meet new people. Cloaked steps in like a personal assistant, keeping your contacts and conversations neatly sorted. This way, you won't mix up details or conversations, making every interaction as smooth and enjoyable as a well-timed compliment.

Control Over Sharing

Sharing personal information in the world of online dating is a delicate dance. Cloaked allows you to share parts of your virtual identity with those you trust while keeping your personal information private. It's like having a trusted confidant, ensuring that you only reveal your cards when you feel completely comfortable and secure.

Creating a new Cloaked ID for privacy on dating apps

Cloaked, as your wingperson, empowers you to explore connections with confidence, security, and a sense of control. 

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Cloaked in Action: Protect Your Privacy on Dating Apps 

In-person date night

Imagine it's Wednesday, and you've just matched with someone intriguing on Bumble. You're excited but cautious – you're keen to connect, yet mindful of your digital privacy. With a potential date for Friday in the works, here's how Cloaked helps you with your pre-date preparations and beyond:

1. Pre-Date Preparations with Cloaked

It's Thursday evening, and you decide to move the conversation off Bumble. Instead of sharing your real number, you open Cloaked and generate a new, unique phone number specifically for this Bumble match. 

You’ve changed the preferences so that this number redirects calls and texts to your phone, but your personal contact details remain hidden. It's like creating a secret line for your dating life – secure, private, and entirely under your control, while seamlessly forwarding (if you want) to iMessage or your other normal text medium.

2. Smooth Digital Communication Before the Date

As you start texting, the excitement builds, and with Cloaked, you chat freely and more openly. There's a layer of security between this new connection and your real identity. The conversation flows, and plans for Friday are set. 

You appreciate the peace of mind, knowing that even if things don't pan out, your privacy isn't compromised.

3. Controlled Interactions During the Date

Friday arrives, and a few hours before the meetup, your match suggests a quick voice call to confirm plans. You agree, and the call routes through your Cloaked number. Your voice is confident, and the call adds a spark of anticipation to the impending date! 

All the while, your actual phone number remains private, safeguarding your personal space.

4. Private Post-Date Empowerment and Reflection

After the date, you reflect on the evening. Whether the date was a hit or a miss, you are in control and don’t have to worry about uncomfortable follow-ups or your personal information being leaked later on. 

The decision to share more details rests entirely with you, and there's no pressure. You know that with Cloaked, every step of your dating journey is protected, leaving you free to focus on the connections that matter most to you.

Online Dating Safety Tips with Cloaked

Using Cloaked can transform your online dating experience into a secure yet exciting journey. Here are some detailed strategies and insights to navigate the digital romance landscape while maintaining your privacy:

Identity Juggling for Different Online Dating Platforms

Use Cloaked to create distinct identities for each dating platform you use, such as Bumble, Tinder, or Hinge. This strategy prevents cross-tracking and maintains separate personas for different dating environments. 

For instance, you can have a dedicated phone number and email for Bumble interactions and another set for Tinder, ensuring that each part of your dating life remains compartmentalized and secure.

Selective Information Sharing with Matches

Exercise caution in sharing your contact details. Initially, use your Cloaked contacts for initial conversations. As trust builds with a match, you can decide if you want to share more personal information, such as your real phone number. 

This selective sharing protects your real identity until you are confident about a connection's authenticity and potential.

Efficient Inbox Management

Cloaked allows you to manage multiple inboxes for different matches. Use this feature to organize conversations effectively. For example, each match can have a unique email address assigned through Cloaked, making it easier to track conversations and keep your primary inbox free from clutter or potential spam.

Using Temporary Disconnects for Space

If a particular interaction becomes overwhelming or you need time to reflect, use Cloaked's feature to temporarily mute a contact. This action provides you with the necessary space and peace of mind without needing to resort to permanent measures like blocking or unmatching.

Adhering to Privacy-Preserving Protocols

Make it a rule to never share your real phone number or primary email address until you've gotten to know someone in person and assessed the situation. Even then, share these details only if you feel completely comfortable and the interaction seems promising. 

Cloaked's virtual identities give you the flexibility to maintain this level of privacy.

Navigating First Encounters

For initial meetups arranged through dating apps, use your Cloaked-generated phone number to coordinate. This approach keeps your real number private and offers an additional layer of security as you get to know your date better.

Long-Term Relationship Transitions

If a casual connection evolves into something more serious, Cloaked facilitates a smooth transition. You can gradually start sharing more personal information at a pace that feels right for you, beginning perhaps with a personal email before eventually sharing your actual phone number.

By baking these tips and strategies into your online dating routine, Cloaked becomes more than just a tool; it acts as your personal assistant in managing digital relationships. It empowers you to explore the exciting world of online dating with the assurance that your personal information remains protected.

How to Set Up Cloaked For the Ultimate Privacy Online 

Setting up with Cloaked for online dating privacy

Setting up Cloaked is a breeze!

  1. Download and Installation: On your mobile, search for 'Cloaked' in your smartphone's app store (Apple App Store | Android Play Store). Download and install the app with just a tap. On your laptop/desktop, visit the Chrome Web Store and look for the Cloaked plugin. Add it to your browser for a seamless desktop experience. Alternatively, you can directly visit the Cloaked website and use its web dashboard for a comprehensive view of your Cloaked activities.
  2. Creating Your Account: Open Cloaked on your chosen platform and sign up using your basic information (email address optional, no credit card required!).
  3. Generating New Identities: Once logged in, explore the intuitive dashboard. With a few clicks or taps, generate new email addresses and phone numbers for each of your dating matches or social interactions. Each identity can be unique to a conversation, keeping your real contact information confidential.
  4. Customizing Your Settings: Personalize how you receive messages and calls. Set preferences for notifications, privacy levels, and communication methods, tailoring Cloaked to fit your lifestyle and dating approach.
  5. Syncing Across Devices: Ensure a seamless experience by syncing your Cloaked account across all your devices. Whether you switch from mobile to desktop or vice versa, your virtual identities and settings stay consistent and accessible.
  6. Access Additional Privacy Features: On top of virtual identities, Cloaked offers a comprehensive suite of privacy tools, including a password manager, one-time passcodes, secure storing of additional information, autocloaking of all old passwords and accounts, and more.

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More About Online Dating Privacy

Person using a laptop for online dating

Can you go on dating sites anonymously?

It’s possible to use some dating sites anonymously to a certain extent. Here are ways in which you might maintain anonymity on dating platforms:

  • You can choose to use a username or a screen name that is not directly linked to your real name
  • You can refrain from sharing specific personal details on your profile that would reveal your identity, such as your full name, place of work, phone number, or links to social media accounts.
  • You can choose to share more personal information only with matches you trust after having initial conversations.
  • Keep communication within the app rather than giving out phone numbers or other contact information early on.
  • If you want to move communication off the dating site, consider using a third-party app (like Cloaked) that allows you to use a temporary or secondary phone number instead of your real one. 

While these strategies can enhance privacy, most dating platforms have terms of service that require users to use their real identities to some degree. With Cloaked, there’s no need to share sensitive account information through texts or emails, you can share identities and more through your encrypted server. You can choose what items you want shared with your recipient–and for how long.

Can I still get calls and texts if I use Cloaked?

Absolutely. Cloaked routes them to you securely, so you never miss a beat, or keep them in your Cloaked dashboard without forwarding, if you prefer.

Will using different numbers for each match affect my device’s storage or performance? 

No, Cloaked is designed to be lightweight and won’t bog down your device. You can manage multiple identities without impact on your device’s performance.

Can I switch back to my real number if things get serious?

Yes, you can choose to disclose your real number at any point when you're ready for that step. Share on your terms when you feel comfortable.

Does Cloaked integrate with popular dating apps?

Absolutely! Cloaked seamlessly works alongside various popular dating apps such as Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge, offering a secure layer of privacy between you and your matches.

How quickly can I set up a new identity with Cloaked?

Almost instantly! With a few taps, you're ready to connect safely. Learn more here.

How does Cloaked help if I encounter someone suspicious?

You can immediately deactivate any identity, number, or email you've given out, cutting off contact and maintaining your safety.

For other help topics, visit Cloaked Support. Remember, Cloaked is about empowering your choices and protecting your privacy. Enjoy the journey!

Protect yourself from future breaches

You can try Cloaked for free for 14 days
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