How can I share an identity?

Last updated:

August 10, 2023


At Cloaked, our goal is to ensure your online identities remain both private and secure. Identity sharing makes the process of sharing login details not only secure but also straightforward and hassle-free. Through the use of unique sharing links, you can confidently share sensitive login details with the intended recipients. Even better, recipients don't even need a Cloaked account. Let’s dig into the details of how identity sharing works.

How to Share an Identity

On Mobile and Dashboard

  1. To Initiate the share select an identity and look for the share button in the top right corner.



  1. Next, configure your identity by deciding what items you’d like to include in the shared identity.



  1. Choose duration for how long the link will be active for: 1 hour, 1 day, 7 days, or 30 days.



  1. Once configured, the app will let you share through various communication channels, generating a unique link and password for security.

Receiving a Shared Identity

  1. Click the shared identity link you received
  2. You'll be redirected to a mobile web page to view the shared identity.
  3. Before accessing, you’ll need to input the provided password.



  1. The identity will show how long it's available for, allowing you to copy fields and reveal hidden ones as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I revoke access to a shared identity?

A: Yes, you can stop sharing or create a new link to replace the shared identity.

Q: Is it possible to set an expiration date for the shared identity link?

A: Yes, you can set how long the link will work for. You can choose between one time view links all the way up to 30 days of access.

Q: Is there a way to monitor the usage of shared identity links?

A: This isn’t currently available but it is something we are working on adding with future versions of sharing.

Q: Do recipients need a Cloaked account to view a shared identity?

A: No, recipients can view shared identities without having a Cloaked account.

Q: What happens when the shared link expires?

A: Once the link expires, recipients will no longer be able to access the shared identity using that link.

Q: Will recipients see changes if I modify the shared identity after sharing?

Although we are working on adding this feature it isn’t currently supported. Any changes made post-sharing won't reflect in the shared identity unless you send an updated share link to the recipient.