One-time passcodes

You can now add your one-time passcodes to identities for seamless login experiences across the internet.

A seamless autofill experience

No more hunting on your phone for that one passcode. Your one-time passcodes are directly tied to your identities and can autofilled with one click.

A single place for logins and TOTP

Time-based one-time passcodes (TOTP) are a secondary authentication method that can be setup to more securely protect your accounts online. You may be familiar with receiving a text message with a 6-digit code to log in to certain services - this is an even more secure version of that.

Easy access

One-time passcodes are seamlessly integrated into the Cloaked ecosystem - available wherever you need it.

With Cloaked, you can easily store these authentication codes to your Identities (Cloaks) on Mobile, Dashboard and Extension. Tap to copy and you’re done.

Setting up one-time passcodes

From the identities tab

Tap on the
key icon

On the one-time passcodes screen

Tap the QR
code icon

From the overlay

Scan or enter a secret key

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