AutoCloak™ Beta

Batch replace multiple identities all at once with secure email addresses, phone numbers, usernames and passwords.

Data breaches are unavoidable

AutoCloak Beta puts the power back into your identities by replacing your vulnerable personal information with anonymous Cloaked information.

Replace your existing account info securely

Take back your data from companies that trade it for profit. Replace your old logins with Cloaked information in a just a few clicks.

Advertisers pay top dollar for your email address

It’s never too late to change your login information with Cloaked information. When you replace your personal information with Cloaked information, it becomes a dead-end to marketers.

How AutoCloak™ Beta works

In the Dashboard...

Select the identities you want to AutoCloak Beta

While navigating in the background...

Cloaked goes to your account settings and generates Cloaked login info

Across the board...

Your identities are updated in an instant everywhere

What websites should we AutoCloak™ Beta next?

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