Password manager

Take your password game to the next level.

Create, save, and share passwords securely

Cloaked is a password manager with superpowers. When you create new Cloaked identities, your information is securely stored on an encrypted server and available for 
you to access anywhere.

Log in seamlessly with the extension

Log in easily on the web using any 
of your Cloaked identities or imported passwords with the Cloaked extension.

How Cloaked passwords works

Cloaked dashboard

Import your existing passwords

Have an existing password manager? No problem– easily import passwords from 1password, LastPass, Chrome, iCloud, and more using our Password Importer.

Cloaked extension

Automatically fill forms and sign in with ease

Cloaked makes signing in and checking out a breeze– just click the Cloaked icon and the extension will take care of the rest.

Cloaked mobile

Sync across all of your devices

Add Cloaked Autofill to your Android or iOS devices to log into apps, websites, and more.

Got old passwords?
AutoCloak™ Beta them with ease.

Turn your old passwords into secure Cloaked identities.

There’s even more to Cloaked.