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How do I use temporary one time passcodes? (TOTP codes)

Last updated:

August 3, 2023


We're excited to introduce the TOTP (Time-Based One-Time Password) feature on Cloaked, allowing you to add an extra layer of security to your authentication processes, right from your Cloaked dashboard, mobile app, or browser extension. In this article, we'll guide you on how to use this feature effectively, enhancing your Cloaked experience and bringing all your security needs into one place.

What is a temporary one time password (TOTP)?

TOTP is a unique, temporarily valid password generated for a limited period, providing additional security during your authentication processes. Incorporating TOTP into your Cloaked identity means you no longer need a separate app for two-factor authentication, streamlining your online experiences.

Setting Up and Using TOTP with Cloaked

Adding TOTP to an Identity:
  • Using a Secret Key: Manually enter the secret key to add a TOTP to your identity within Cloaked.
  • Scanning a QR Code (Mobile only in v1): Use your mobile device to scan a QR code and set up TOTP swiftly (only available in the mobile version for the initial release).

Importing TOTP codes:
  • If you have TOTP codes stored in another password manager like 1Password then simply follow the instructions to export the logins from that password manager and then import into Cloaked. When importing be sure to map the TOTP column to the field named One Time Passcode.

Viewing TOTP Codes:
  • In Your Dashboard, Extension, or Mobile App you can find your TOTP codes easily within your chosen Cloaked platform, bringing all your login credentials into a single, secure location.

Managing Your TOTP:
  • Stay in control of your TOTP secrets with the option to add or remove TOTP from an identity as needed.

Autofill TOTP/OTP Codes:
  • Using the Cloaked browser extension, you can autofill TOTP/OTP codes on websites.


How do I ensure synchronization of TOTP codes across devices?

  • Your TOTP codes automatically synchronize across all devices where you use Cloaked, offering a seamless user experience.

Can I view a countdown for TOTP?

  • Yes, a countdown timer is integrated within the identity details to help you keep track of the TOTP validity period.

How do I remove or re-add a TOTP to an identity?

  • You can manage your TOTP settings easily from the identity details page, where you have options to remove or re-add TOTP as needed.