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How to use AutoCloak

Last updated:

September 28, 2023


At Cloaked, we're always on a mission to make your online experience safer and more secure. Our newest feature, AutoCloaking, is here to do just that with a simple click! What is AutoCloaking? It's an easy-to-use feature that helps upgrade your existing login information (like emails and passwords) on various websites to more secure cloaked versions through our Chrome extension. It automatically logs in to websites, creates new "Secure Cloaked Credentials", and saves them in your Cloaked account. With AutoCloaking, you can be at peace knowing your online information is stronger and more secure.

Which websites support AutoCloakTM?

Currently during beta we support the following websites:


How to Use AutoCloak:


  1. To start, click on the AutoCloak Identities menu item in the dropdown.

  1. Select the identities you want to AutoCloak. The identities displayed are the ones that are supported currently.

  1. You can monitor the progress by observing the AutoCloaking icons.

  1. Items requiring additional information for AutoCloaking will be highlighted in yellow. Simply click on them to provide the necessary details, enabling us to complete the AutoCloaking process for that identity.

  1. When clicking the 'Needs Review' button, you will be redirected to the respective identity website to verify your information. For instance, clicking the 'Needs Review' button next to Spotify will take you to the Spotify website, where you can review and confirm your details, allowing us to finish up the AutoCloaking process for your Spotify information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is AutoCloak?

AutoCloak is a feature that automatically updates your existing login credentials to more secure Cloaked versions, enhancing your online privacy and security.

How do I activate AutoCloaking?

You'll see an 'AutoCloak' button at the top of your screen after selecting the identity you would like to AutoCloak. Simply click on it to activate the Auto Cloaking process.

What happens if AutoCloaking needs more information?

Some identities may require additional information to be Autocloaked. These will be highlighted in yellow, and you can click on them to provide the necessary details.

Is AutoCloaking safe?

Yes, AutoCloaking is designed to enhance your online security by creating and managing secure cloaked login credentials on your behalf. However, please note that this feature is still in Beta. While it’s in beta we strongly recommend backing up your login credentials before using it.

How do I share my Autocloaked identities?

Sharing is simple with unique links where recipients don’t even need a Cloaked account to access the shared information.

Is AutoCloaking available on all web browsers?

Currently, AutoCloaking is available only through a Chrome extension. We are working on expanding to other browsers in the near future.